RightNow Media

RightNow Media is the customizable video Bible study library for every person at Prince Avenue Baptist.

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We will be launching this great gift to our church Sunday, April 30th. If you are a church member and we have your email, you will receive a personal invitation email explaining how to receive your Free access username and password. If you do not receive this email, first check your spam folder. If it is not there, then click “Join Now” link below and follow the prompts.

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In the meantime, if you would like to explore RightNow Media and see what they have to offer, please visit RightNowMedia.org.

For an official RightNow Media Q&A, click here!

Other questions and answers:

1. Can I share this with my family or friends? Absolutely! We believe this is one of the greatest untapped resources of this gift. If you are trying to disciple a family member or neighbor OR just really think they would benefit from this gift, just direct them to this page on our church website and they can request a username and password through our church. (Please do not share this through another organization or church)

2. Can I use this on my home television? Yes!, you can now download the Apple TV App or Roku App and sign in with your username and password and have access to the same content.

3. What is the benefit of kids using RightNow Media? Instead of subscribing to Netflix or Hulu and worrying about what content they may open and watch, RightNow Media has a dedicated page just for children that you can trust with hundreds of full-length videos for preschool and elementary children.

4. Can I use this with my discipleship group, small group or Sunday school class? Yep! We have equipped all adult Sunday school classrooms with a Roku for the express purpose of your group having access to these videos and teaching curriculum. In order for us to be consistent and unified as a church family, we do ask that before you announce or use a special study in your class, please contact Doug Nix to get any important information you may need.